Management Buy-Ins

Management Buy-Ins

A Management Buy-In is similar to a Buy-Out except that management from outside the target company make the acquisition.

Management Buy-In candidates should have past experience of successfully managing businesses.

Our Service

We work proactively with Buy-In candidates and teams to define their acquisition criteria and identify suitable target businesses.

Once a suitable target has been identified, the Buy-In process is similar to the Buy-Out.

We have significant experience of completing Management Buy-In transactions. Our knowledge of the Private Equity and debt markets available for Buy-In transactions is
second to none.

Management Buy-In/Buy-Outs (“BIMBOs”)

Similar in nature to the Buy-In and Buy-Out, the BIMBO is a transaction where a business is acquired by members of the incumbent management team together with external Management Buy-In candidate/s.

The BIMBO is a particularly useful means of filling any skills gap in a Buy-Out team. Funders look for “balanced management” teams and a BIMBO allows this team to be constructed.

The majority of BIMBO transactions arise as a result of us:

  • working with management Buy-In candidates with a view to identifying potential acquisition opportunities; or
  • working with a Buy-Out team where a skills gap exists. In such instances, we would seek to identify and introduce a Buy-In candidate/s.

Vendor initiated Buy-Outs/Buy-Ins (“VIMBO”)

Where it is most appropriate for vendors to exit via a sale to the
management team, you may wish to consider a “vendor initiated”
Buy-Out/Buy-In. This enables the vendor/s to control the deal
to a greater extent.

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