Life after Brexit for Castle Square

As a leading independent Corporate Finance firm, Castle Square is working for a variety of clients across a multitude of sectors including UK Holiday Parks, travel agents, engineering, consulting, automotive, franchised car dealerships, waste management, packaging for consumer goods, distribution, heath care and construction.

Our current activity and the ongoing performance of our clients is a strong indicator to the underlying UK economy, as real life trading businesses see the trends ahead of any economic survey’s and statistics.

It is particularly interesting to see none of our clients are seeing a deterioration in trading conditions at the moment, in fact the majority are seeing healthy improvements in trading compared to the previous year, irrespective of sector.

There is a common thread apparent in what quite a few of our clients have noticed recently in terms of trading conditions. The run up to the Brexit vote and the immediate aftermath saw in many cases either a slowdown in activity against the previous year or a slowing of growth rates.  However, businesses experiencing this trend have seen a significant bounce back in recent months.

One wonders now how much the vote itself created uncertainty, irrespective of the likely outcome and now that uncertainty has gone its “business as usual”.

It will be interesting to see whether this trend continues as we progress through the Brexit negotiations.

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