Management Buy-Outs

Management Buy-Outs

A Management Buy-Out is a rare opportunity to combine responsibility for key decision-making with the rewards of business ownership.

A Management Buy-Out occurs where the management team of a business acquires that business from its owner. For vendors, the Management Buy-Out can sometimes represent the most
viable exit route.

Our Service

A Management Buy-Out is often relatively time consuming, complex in nature and there can be a number of unexpected developments as progress is made towards completion. It is therefore key to appoint corporate finance advisers who are focused on advising you and have the experience to successfully lead you through every stage of the transaction.

We are specialists in advising on and raising funds for Management Buy-Outs and are experienced in Private Equity funding where appropriate for this kind of transaction.

Typically, we will lead all stages of the Buy-Out, including:

  • establishing the feasibility of the Buy-Out, thereby ensuring that any other put forward is sufficiently attractive from the vendor’s perspective, realistically priced, structured and fundable
  • negotiating the main terms of the transaction with the vendor, including price and structure
  • developing the business plan, presentations and financial forecasts in conjunction with the Buy-Out team for submission to potential funders
  • leading discussions and negotiations with potential funders so that the most appropriate funding oers are selected
  • delivering our extensive experience to ensure the project is managed professionally and eciently from start to a successful completion.

Our input is key at the feasibility stage. We see many instances where vendors and Buy-Out teams spend considerable time agreeing a transaction before we get involved, where the price of structure cannot be funded.

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